The Avocado Sprout

Avocado_sproutA silent outburst, so you awake

giving expression to life itself

And a cloudy memory whispers:

reach towards that distant source

and by its gentle warmth you’ll tell

your metamorphosis has begun


There, you grow towards that distant star

which is around you and within you

Be a mirror in that dazzling spectrum

and reveal the crispy green of novelty

Such patterns entrusted to you by generations

no more concealed in wooden casket


And as I place you in your earthy throne

the smell of Petrichor surrounds us

permitting me just briefly

to understand who you are

and what you mean to me


Your magic unfolds before me

a new Creation on my windowsill

What distances you must have gone

now to drop your morning dew

on the same floor that I walk on

breathing out the air I live from