A word of welcome

Hi there! Happy to see that you’ve found your way to my blog (to which you can subscribe by filling out your e-mail address in the ‘follow me’ box)! As of September 2017, this page will function as the book shelf where I store and organise my thoughts as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer. A volunteer for what? The Solidarity Corps is an EU initiative that gives young people (like me!) the opportunity to volunteer or work for projects that benefit communities and people in Europe. Out of all the possible projects, I will take part in a specific programme called Interreg that encourages regional cooperation and development all across Europe. Cool, right? More specifically, I will be installed as an ‘Interreg Reporter’ at Interreg Flanders the Netherlands, an agency that creates opportunities for cooperation between public and private organisations around the Belgian-Dutch border. This cooperation revolves around the focus areas of environmental policy, smart energy, and technological innovation. 

Interreg Flanders the Netherlands region
Interreg Flanders the Netherlands region

As it happens, I am incredibly passionate about both European integration and sustainable development. Within the European context, I don’t believe that one can exist without the other. You can see why I’m really excited to start exploring and reporting about the many cooperative initiatives in this field that take place in my region! Did you know that Flanders and the southern Dutch provinces form a region that is among Europe’s leading regions in terms of innovation? (Source: European Commission) Lots of fun and inspiring things going on, much to learn from, much to write about. I warmly invite you to follow my blog and hope that you’ll leave this page sharing my enthusiasm for this great, small region and its developments under the Interreg umbrella.

Last but not least, I would encourage anyone to take a quick look at the following websites for a bit more info about the EU Solidarity Corps, its programme Interreg Volunteer Youth and Interreg Flanders the Netherlands. Have fun!

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